We are providing free of charge services for non affording patients:

Sponsor a Patient

We believe that every Thalassaemia patient deserves an equal chance at life with your help we can restore hope to someone who has the odds stacked against them.
By signing up as a sponsor, you will be ensuring that one Thalassaemia patient receives the best care available in Pakistan. By taking on the expense of treatment, you’ll be giving your sponsored patient the hope and morale he/she needs to recover.
The cost of treatment will vary from one patient to another. Approximately, the cost of treatment can range from 10,000 Rs to 15,000 Rs / Month.

Organize a Blood Donation and Awareness Camp

You can organize a blood donation and thalassaemia awareness camp in your office,factory,college, university and community with our team.We will provide free of cost Thalassaemia test facility which is cost about 1800Rs per person.Blood donation will be utilized for the Thalassaemia patients.

Donate a Hand Pump or Water Well for Tharr Project

KITCC also providing water, education and sanitation facility in rural areas of Tharparkar (Desert).One hand pump cost about 55000Rs and water well cost about 1,10000Rs.KITCC has built more than 50 hand pumps and more than 40 water wells in different areas of tharparkar.

Wedding Project

KITCC also providing wedding accessories (Jahaiz) to poor families which include dresses, crockery and other necessary things.More than 100 girls wedding arrangements done by KITCC.

To organize a Free Thalassaemia camp at your workplace/community please contact us.

Regularly print informational material on Thalassaemia. If you would like to distribute the material in your community or organization, please contact us.

Thus, we do everything we could to KITCC’s mission is to eradicate Thalassaemia from the society and to improve the quality of life of existing Thalassaemia patients.

We need your support and cooperation to achieve our mission.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.