About Us

About Us

Our Dream - A World Without Thalassemia!

To hope for a better world is indeed a reflection of the honest efforts put into the purpose.


Our Aim

KITCC aims at eliminating Thalassemia from Pakistan. Proper awareness especially on how to prevent the disease can bring positive outcomes. Furthermore, it works to ease the systemic procedures for families of a patient belonging to any community. Also, operates to ensure better diagnosis and treatment of their suffering ones without any intention of profit.

Our Objective

In order to gain what we dream of, we must be very consistent.

  1. 1. Awareness is the key!  No one convinces on screening and counseling until they know this deadly Thalassemia.
  2. 2. Free Blood Transfusions!  Many Thalassemia patients die every year in Pakistan because of unaffordability of regular blood transfusions.
  3. 3. Voluntary Blood Donors!  Frequent awareness and blood donation camps help find volunteers for blood donations.

Our Principles

  • 1. Fulfilling the needs of the patients is our priority.
  • 2. Serving the society towards the end of the sufferings of people.
  • 3. Reaching all the help from donors to save every life possible.
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Unlike a story of passion and enthusiasm, KITCC started as a tribute to a thalassemia major child. A child who before his early death just at the age of 16 dreamed, of helping the patients like him live longer and healthier than himself. Back in 1980, Kashif Iqbal, a 3-months baby boy had diagnosis of Thalassemia Major. Upon proper investigation, both of his parents were found to be thalassemia carriers (Minor). However, that little child with a strong heart survived this unfortunate painful disease. Although, regular blood transfusions for a whole of 16 years, were not an easy task to handle. But there was nothing his grieving parents could do even when they tried their best to find a cure throughout the world.

On March 15th, 1996, Kashif left the world. Leaving behind his parents, siblings, and a promise made by his father to him. A promise saying that,

“No Thalassemia Major deserves to be in as much pain as I went through. Also, No parents should suffer the death of their child due to lack of awareness for its prevention!”

Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia Care Centre Trust, named after Kashif, is thus the promise his father made to him.

Mr. Muhammad Iqbal (Chairman) and Mrs. Kaneez Iqbal (Vice-Chairman), specifically the parents of Kashif, have now been serving through KITCC for almost 26 years and not only that but also making sure that no one goes through what they and their little boy experienced. Certainly, a lot of their friends and fellows also do not forget M. Zafar Khan, a friend who stood by them in the hardest times, supported them in the cause, and helped KITCC become what it is today.Starting from a small room in the UK, today, KITCC is a widespread Non-Governmental Organization in Karachi that serves hundreds and thousands of thalassemia patients besides providing them with all the facilities for their survival free of cost.

This never-ending determination of KITCC is truly towards the desire of seeing Pakistan completely free from Thalassemia one day InshaAllah!

A small effort from hundreds and thousands of individuals can create an ocean of hope for the innocent helpless souls surviving Thalassemia. Become a part of our cause! You never know who might be waiting for your help to live a little more, a little better!