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Since 1996, we have been working on creating awareness for Thalassemia through community outreach across the nation. We also reach out to various organizations for Thalassaemia testing through latest equipment and encourage blood donors to donate voluntarily so that we can support deserving and needy patients who cannot bear the cost of the transfusion.

Safe Blood

"Every single life is worth saving!” Thalassaemic patients on an average need blood transfusion, twice a month. KITCC has its own fully equipped blood bank, which provides properly screened blood products every day. We conduct more than 50 blood transfusions on a daily basis.


At Kashif Iqbal Thalassaemia Care Centre, we believe in humanity, and work to provide high quality treatment to our patients.

KITCC provides complete diagnostic and treatment facilities free of cost. These include Blood Bank Facilities, Laboratory Investigations, Radiology, T2 MRI as well as Iron Chelation treatment.

Psycho-Social Well-Being House

Psycho Social Well-Being House at KITCC is working for improving social & emotional well-being of all our Thalassaemia major children. PSWH has a specially designed project called “Kids have stress too!” and it is dedicated to supporting wellness for children & their parents.

You can help KITCC by

Sponsor a Thalassaemia Patient.

Monthly cost of treatment:

Age GroupsMonthly Expenditure (PKR)
6 months – 2.5 years3,000 To 6,000/=
3 years – 6 years7,000 To 11,000/=
7 years – 10 years12,000 To 18,000/=
11 years – 15 years20,000 To 30,000/=
16 years – 35 years30,000 To 40,000/=

Cost of treatment varies according to the age, severity of the disease and iron chelation therapy used.

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Make a difference in someone’s life, bring a smile to someone’s face. Volunteering helps you gain confidence, meet different people and make new friends.

About Us

What we Do.

The main objectives of KITCC are:

· Eradicate Thalassaemia from Pakistan by creating awareness and motivating people for the adoption of preventive measures.

· Facilitate families with Thalassaemia children, in the diagnosis and treatment of their ailing child on no-profit-no-loss basis without any consideration of creed, caste, status, religion or language.

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Understanding Thalassaemia

How Can You Help?

Your donations will help us save & improve lives of our Thalassaemiac Patients.

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