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Since 1996, our most important efforts are on spreading awareness among persons in various circles. Advanced tools are also present at KITCC for proper screening and welcome blood donors. It helps further and looks up to those who are not able to afford the expense of their treatment.

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“Each One Matters Above All!” Each patient, firstly, needs a blood supply 2 times/month to survive. The Centre also has a well-maintained blood bank that provides regular safe products. Furthermore, 50+ transfusions each day is a regular ratio.

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Support a good cause, and moreover, put efforts to confirm that our patients get the best type of treatment.

Meanwhile, Trust provides total medical care services and illness finding free. Those are in general, Blood Bank, Iron Removal Injections, MRI, etc.

Psycho-Social Well-Being House

PSWH is in short meant for Social-Emotional Learning and Mindfulness of Thalassemia Major Patients at KITCC through Wellness Framework-based Programs.

Moreover, KITCC needs your support through

Sponsor a Thalassemia Patient.

To sum up, monthly cost of treatment is usually:

Age GroupsMonthly Expenditure (PKR)
6 months – 2.5 years3,000 To 6,000/=
3 years – 6 years7,000 To 11,000/=
7 years – 10 years12,000 To 18,000/=
11 years – 15 years20,000 To 30,000/=
16 years – 35 years30,000 To 40,000/=

The total cost of thalassemia treatment therefore differs. That is to say, it depends upon age, stage of disease, and iron chelation treatment used.

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Be the reasons behind their happiness, in other words, turn their pain into comfort. Moreover, grab chances by being among our volunteers. Explore a world full of special ones and secondly reach them out.

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This institute firstly has a unique purpose to:

· Make Pakistan free from Thalassemia in fact. So, it’s never too late. Proper guidance and helping people to take all needed measures, as a result, work!

· Simplify the treatment for the patient also. Aid parents for the better, secondly, less-priced care of their children during treatment no matter which community they come from.


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Your donations will support us in light of building a better world for these patients. After that, comes a brighter future!

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