Our Services

Day Care Centre/Blood Transfusion Facility

KITCC has three fully equipped blood transfusion rooms which can facilitate 50 Thalassaemia major patients’ blood transfusion in one shift. KITCC conduct more than 1000 blood transfusions in a month.


KITCC has been conducting all laboratory Test with very modernized & advance equipment which provide quality results of all investigations, performed by qualified staff members.

Consultant Clinics

KITCC conducts daily clinics with qualified doctors for patients along with quarterly clinics with specialized consultants e.g Pediatric heart clinics, endocrine clinics, ENT & Dental check up.

Blood Bank

The KITCC blood bank is equipped with an automatic system of cross matching.It also provides screened blood products check up.


KITCC has its own specialized equipment of X-Ray, Ultrasound & Electrocardiography.

Iron chelation medicines

Thalassaemia major patients required daily doses of iron chelation medicine. KITCC provides all medicines with required monthly doses free of cost to its patients.

Family Screening & Prenatal Testing

KITCC has been providing free Thalassaemia testing of extended families of Thalassaemia patients . Prenatal testing is provided to Thalassaemia Carrier Mothers during pregnancy to avoid any future births of thalassemia major patients in their family.

PSWH-Kids Have Stress Too! Program

PSWH-Kids Have Stress Too! Project of Programs. KITCC has installed a Psycho-social Well-being house for Thalassaemia Major children’s social and emotional well-being.